The Lord has really been putting on my heart Nehemiah 12 and 13.

Now a days, in the church and outside of the church, there is no purity or purification process in our lives in ANY aspect. We want to do all these AMAZING things for God and HIS glory, but by not going through the process of purification, a lot of us completely get in the way of God’s PURE presence and the pureness of what he deserves. We have made it about us instead of it being purely about HIM! I want these nights to be like the celebration in Nehemiah 12, because of everyone’s purity in worship, the Joy of the people's praise were heard in the surrounding cities. What they poured out before the Lord was just PURE- pure joy, pure thankfulness, pure worship. Now, what I want to be different is what Nehemiah 13 talks about. Today, many people prepare and purify themselves for just a night or day; whether that be a conference, service, worship night, etc. It says that after this beautiful time, everyone went to their old ways, back to their sinful lifestyles, and completely left behind that purity, because the “celebration” was over. I believe that God is wanting to break that; that we wouldn’t just spiritually prepare ourselves for an event and go our own ways, but that we continue in a pure lifestyle. Not only outside in the public eye, but in intimacy with Him. I believe there will be deliverance, freedom, joy and so much more, just setting our eyes purely on him these nights. The vision for the nights is primarily worship, but I will be bringing a word as well! I can't wait to experience a move of God with you all!

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